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Tablets are multi-purpose portable computers which are featured with a typical mobile operating system and a LCD touchscreen display. Depending on their size, input and output technology, kind of operating system which is installed in it and its uses they are grouped into several categories like- Slate, Mini tablet and Phablet. With Asus Live Chat Support Service team you can easily resolve all kind of technical errors.

The multinational Taiwanese computer hardware and electronic company ASUS is the world’s 4th largest distributor of PC. Its products include laptops, tablets, desktop computers, computer monitors sound cards, DVD disks and various computer components. Designed and manufactured by Asus, Asus Transformer comprises a series of 2-in-1 convertibles, detachable and hybrid tablets. The ASUS series of Tablets with incredible engineering and exclusive visual enhancement technologies bring exceptional colour, clarity and brightness.

In spite of so many utilities, Tablets may give you some problems at the outset. Some of the issues which the users may encounter while using Tablets are transferring of data, configuration, synchronization and power optimization. Also we have analysed some common problems which the Smartphone users may face, like:

Device shows no display, it is booting without response

If your Tablet is not showing any display, the screen turns black. Then there might be  a possibility that your device gets frozen and not responding at all. You will not see any backlight and get only a black screen with vibration then you find a trouble with it as the device failed to boot and prevent you from entering into the system.

Battery cannot be charged fully; Abnormal charging takes place

If you are unable to charge your Tablets with any other power outlets, at once try with the original ASUS USB cable and adapter. If you still find that there is No power signal then you need the help of an expert who could troubleshoot and fix the problem. One of the reasons why this happens is because of Firmware updates. There can be several other factors responsible for that.

Your touchscreen is not making response

If it happens that your touchscreen is not responding at all, then your device needs a system update. Your tablet needs an upgraded version of Firmware and it must be rebooted to Safe Mode. Also it needs a proper and customized ASUS setting to disable the Glove mode.

 Our Assistance includes the following:

  • Help in overall Set up and installation of Tablet
  • Personalize your Tablet by customizing its settings and synchronizing with all other applications
  • Optimize your tablet’s power options
  • Replace the affected parts of Tablet whether it’s a battery or screen
  • Configure your tablet for wireless printing

Our experts help you to configure your smartphone and other related devices and ensure that the system functioning is fine and that you do not face any hurdles while working with it.

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Our team of professionals will set up and personalize your tablet as per your requirements. In fact our Live Experts will connect your Tablet to a wireless network and install all the necessary apps. You can easily get in touch with our Asus live chat support where our experts are there to provide youwith easy and knowledgeable solutions. You can also connect us via. Email, phone call and remote support.