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In a Computer, a Motherboard is the main board which allows communication between many of the crucial electronic components like CPU, Memory and other peripherals. Due to its capability and other additional expansions such as controlling boards in printers and other embedded systems, Motherboard is known as the “mother” of all components. Need Help regarding Asus devices, Contact at Asus Help Service team.

Asus is undoubtedly world’s no. 1 motherboard brand and it is the first brand of motherboard which introduced a dedicated mount to support 3D-printed parts. Asus motherboard allows you to synchronize lighting with a wide portfolio of Aura Sync compatible hardware. Asus motherboards comprise of m.2-cooling innovations which maximize overall performance, combat throttling and improve drive lifespan.

Are you continuously facing problem with the BIOS and the Motherboard of ASUS? There are some common issues of the Motherboard and graphic cards which needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Few of them are discussed below.

If you fail to update BIOS, the user don’t know how to restore BIOS setting, if the users fails to convert the USB Drive format from NTFS to FAT32, if it fails to boot, if the external connected device like LCD Monitor, Speaker or Microphone is not working, If your Graphic cards are not working, Fan stops working while you are booting the device.

Are you still suffering from all these sorts of issues? A troubleshoot for following issues is needed on an urgent basis. Don’t worry at all; our Asus Help service members are there to assist you. Our team-members are experts in dealing with all sorts of technical issues. Some of them are analysed below:

  • We install Fan Xpert 4 software which keeps the temperature of the graphic cards perfectly cooled.
  • We install the required sockets and microprocessors
  • We configure CMOS Set up program
  • We provide temperature-reducing M.2 heat sinks
  • In order to maximize airflow, we help out by installing vertically-mounted DIMM.2 module
  • For targeted cooling, we provide fan mounts.
  • We install the graphic cards and sound cards.
  • We update the relevant software.

Usually, the most common symptom of a failed motherboard is a completely dead system which may spin up other peripherals like Fans, Drives etc. and it’s common for a Motherboard to fail partially like LAN may stop working but if it’s not fixed at the right time then the partial failure of motherboard can be soon followed by a complete failure. Contact immediately to our assistants for any sort of technical help.

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Our group of Customer Support representatives are 24×7 available for our clients. We have various channels of communication like you can call us at our toll-free Asus helpline number +1-800-283-2149. You may even chat with our experts online through Live Chat or may take the help of our Help desk service. You can email us and register your complaints there. We are always there to answer your query at your earliest convenience. Any kinds of feedback from the customer’s side regarding our services are highly appreciated.